Businesses once relied solely on word-of-mouth recommendations to build a reputation and find new work in the local area. But times are changing and if you wish to stay competitive in your industry, you need to consider better ways to market your business. There are so many digital avenues that can help you dominate your local market. Following are 10 marketing tactics you should consider implementing:

Get a Website Built

Having a business website is crucial these days. If you don’t have a functioning website, you could be missing potential leads. So, be sure to get one built and add the necessary elements to ensure customers keep coming back.

List Your Business on Directories

Look for your business online and find business listings related to you. Find the good ones and make sure the information about your business is correct. It is also recommended that you remove yourself from the bad listings.

Build Reviews

The more reviews you have as a business owner, the better. When it comes to building reviews, aim for Google first, followed by popular industry websites. Don’t be upset if you get a negative review. Respond to it in a timely, professional manner.

Utilize Your Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile (aks Google My Business) is free and easy to set up and verify. Google ranks businesses that utilize Google Business Profile higher than most websites so it will greatly help get your site more exposure.

Build Case Studies

The best way to convert customers visiting your website is with case studies. You can use case studies to show off your services and drive keywords that help users find you in search engine results.

Maintain a Social Media Presence

Social media is a powerful tool to interact with customers. So, be on the top social media platforms but don’t treat that space as a sales platform, instead use social media to give your customers insights into your world and demonstrate what makes your business unique.

Send Out Emails

The best marketing companies send out emails on a regular basis to ensure they stay active among their customer base. Choose the frequency that works best for you, e.g. daily, weekly, or fortnightly.

Create Professional Visual Content

Be sure to invest in visual content. Big brands understand how powerful video marketing is and hence they utilize video campaigns. You might not have a big budget, but you can always team up with a talented local video agency for this purpose.

Make Use of Remarketing

Take advantage of targeted online advertising to get more visitors to your trade website. Use Facebook Ads and Google Ads to set up a remarketing campaign once you have identified the potential customers from your online visitors.

Promote a Free Online Consultation

If you can position yourself as an expert in your specific niche, promoting a free online consultation is an excellent way to generate new leads. This tactic might not be ideal for every business, but it is certainly worth considering if you offer a high-priced service.

With these 10 marketing tips, you should be on your way to generating new leads and growing your prospects. The important thing is to stay active and optimize your marketing. If you wish to remain competitive in your industry, you must assess your marketing tactics from time to time and find ways to improve.