A well-designed website is a necessity nowadays. However, planning new website features that are suitable for your specific business and industry can be challenging. When it comes to improving business websites, there is no one-size-fits-all solution but there are some must-have things that can give your site an edge over your competitors. Following are 5 things that can make your company website a success and create a better overall experience for your online visitors:

  1. Mobile-Friendly Design

According to statistics, more than 60% of online users use a mobile device, e.g. tablet, smartphone, etc. to browse the web. So, it is crucial that your trade website works seamlessly across all devices. If your website does not feature a mobile-friendly design, you are lagging behind. Having a responsive design doesn’t mean that your website can simply be accessed and browsed on a smartphone, it means that you have designed it in a way to promote easy navigation and use no matter which screen size your visitors’ device has.

  • Quality, Skimmable Content

No one wants to visit a company website and be greeted with a wall of text. Nowadays, online users have a very short attention span and hence, you have a small amount of time to get your message across. That’s why using quality, skimmable content is recommended. It breaks your message down into easy-to-digest packets. You can achieve this by writing things down in easy-to-understand, short sentences or bullet points.

  • Testimonials

Testimonials are the backbone of your trade website. They increase your site’s traffic and credibility. Testimonials influence the purchase decision of the majority of consumers and business websites that showcase testimonials get relatively more traffic as compared to websites with no testimonials. So, if you wish to gain a competitive edge, be sure to add customer testimonials and feedback to your website.

  • Design-Oriented Images

Images are a huge part of a website design. While too few images on a trade website can be very boring and drab, you should also avoid using too many visuals. For best results, try to find the right balance when designing your site. Apart from this, make sure that the visuals and images are all aesthetically aligned so they load quickly and don’t affect your site’s loading speed.

  • Call to Action

Despite what many believe, a consumer can totally be convinced to buy a product/service when they visit a business website, even if they previously had no intention of making a purchase. A well-placed call to action can prove to be very useful in this regard. Unfortunately, a majority of small business websites lack this feature on their homepage.

The Bottom Line

For a business, a successful website highlights the features while making sure that the consumer experience is top-notch. However, having the above-listed features is just the beginning. The key to success is to think like your online visitors. User experience is one of the top factors in determining what makes a trade website successful. Every decision you make should be designed to facilitate and benefit how a user navigates through your website. Not only will this leave a good impression but it will also increase the probability of your visitors coming back.