If you are in any kind of business, it’s a given that you need your own website.  A place where all your potential clients or customers can find out all about the great services and products you offer.

You also need to make sure people are finding your website amongst the sea of information that is on the internet.  To help with that we suggest you implement the easy steps below to make a start.

Step 1: Online Business Directories

Create a Google Business Profile (very important) and then set up a free listing with the following online directories: Yell, Hotfrog  and Scoot.  When you join these directories make sure you enter your business name, address and telephone number on these sites, exactly as it appears on your Google Business Profile.

Step 2: Get more links to your Website

It is important to link from other websites back to your website (known as ‘back-links’).  To do this, join well-known review sites such as Yelp.co.uk.  It is also worth approaching local newspaper and radio station websites and giving them the link to your website.  Visit ‘Articles’ on our website for more links to local news and radio websites.

Step 3: Links from Social Media

You also need to link from any of your Social Media accounts on the internet (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) back to your website.  Potential clients are more likely to become new clients once they have been directed to your own website where you have complete control over the all-important first impressions about your company (unlike many Social Media channels). 

The key thing with all your online communications is to be consistent.

For more resources like those mentioned above and to find out more about improving your online presence visit:  www.screenforge.co.uk, call  07530 525387 or email: steve@screenforge.co.uk